This overview schedule is an attempt to help families plan and also to help HDT maximize rehearsal time. Dancers are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals – they are considered mandatory. 

**PLEASE NOTE:  Absences and other factors may influence this schedule. If your dancer is not at the first scheduled rehearsal for each piece they are a part of, they will not be able to perform in the piece**

 Spring 2024 Rehearsal Schedule

We are so happy that you are joining us this spring! Please review this schedule weekly for any changes.

May 24th – 27th – Memorial Day Weekend – No classes or rehearsals

FRIDAY, May 31st

5:00pm Warmup for Junior/Apprentice/Company in Green Room (show choir room) at HHS

5:30pm ALL DANCERS ARRIVE at HHS, check in, and report to assigned dressing rooms

5:45 -8:00 Dress Rehearsal in show order, Recital followed by Concert

SUNDAY, June 2nd

12:30 Warmup for Junior/Apprentice/Company in Green Room

1:15 ALL DANCERS ARRIVE at HHS and check in

2:00 SHOW!


HDT strives to get younger students home as quickly as possible during rehearsals. However, please know that rehearsals will occasionally run over due to starting late, tech work, and polishing of pieces.  We will try very hard to end rehearsals as promptly as possible.  If your dancer must leave prior to being dismissed, please have a parent notify the instructor and/or choreographer; however, please do not leave without directly speaking to an HDT instructor.