Boys in Motion is a scholarship initiative at Huntington Dance Theatre designed to encourage male-identifying students to enjoy all types of dance. Boys in the 2nd and 3rd grade in the Tri-State area have the opportunity to take any classes they wish at HDT with free tuition, only paying for registration and costume fees!  

  • Available classes include ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, or baton.
  • Students should wear white tops and black leggings or dance shorts to all classes. Shoe requirements vary by class.
  • Two performance opportunities: The Huntington Nutcracker in December and the Spring Recital in June.
  • Interested families should email us at for more information and to apply to join the program. 


 Join Us! 

We would love to invite you into our dance family! Contact us today to schedule a call or studio tour at 304-522-4230 or .

Ready to register? Click on the links below to view open classes or enroll today! 

All levels of HDT students focus on the full dance experience including:

  1. Performing
  2. Creating
  3. Responding
  4.  Interconnecting
  5.  Assessing

Our inclusive dance curriculum is based on the published and adopted standards of the National Dance Education Organization. Ballet classes are also supplemented by the American Ballet Theatre curriculum.