Beginning Ballet

Beginning Ballet level classes at Huntington Dance Theatre are designed for students just beginning school. Classes have no prerequisite and introduce students to the elements of dance, including a variety of body and movement skills, guiding students to repeat short dance phrases from memory, responding to differences in tempo and rhythm, and being attentive to dance activities and cues.   

  • Available classes include ballet, a jazz/tap combo, and a hip hop/acro combo and meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Students will either wear light purple leotards and fleshtone tights and ballet slippers or white tops and black leggings/dance shorts. 
  • Two performance opportunities: The Huntington Nutcracker and the Spring Recital.


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All levels of HDT students focus on the full dance experience including:

  1. Performing
  2. Creating
  3. Responding
  4.  Interconnecting
  5.  Assessing

Our inclusive dance curriculum is based on the published and adopted standards of the National Dance Education Organization. Ballet classes are also supplemented by the American Ballet Theatre curriculum.